A dentist who specializes to work for improving the smiles of his patients by correcting the alignment of their teeth and guiding the properly about their facial development is known as an orthodontist. There are various important responsibilities attached to working of these specialized dentists like the responsibility of satisfying their patients through their orthodontic treatments etc.


An oral surgeon is responsible to give not only a new and bright smile to his patients by modifying the alignment of their badly unaligned teeth but also to improve their biting, chewing and speaking ability by improving the working condition of their teeth, jaw and facial muscles. One has to join a dental school for four years followed by residency program of 2-3 years to be a qualified dentist with bachelor’s degree but he has to spend some more time in these schools to be a specialist.



Examination and diagnosis of the dental problem

The first task of an orthodontist is to examine the facial muscles, teeth and jaw of the patient thoroughly. Main purpose of this examination is to identify the areas not working in sync or not aligned properly with other mouth parts and to locate the area that needs orthodontic treatment. The specialized dental service provider also reviews the dental records, photos and x-rays of the patient, as part of this examination, to understand the history and development of dental problem.

Advice and suggestions

After locating the problem areas of the patient an orthodontist advices and suggests the feasible options of treatment or appliances which can help in eliminating or reducing the problem to a great extent. These options may include braces, space maintainers, labial and lingual arch wires or/and retainers. The dentist also discusses the factors like concerns, preferences and lifestyle of the patient before opting for an orthodontic treatment. Main aim for an orthodontist are the activities to make the things comfortable for the patient along with re-positioning of his jaw and teeth. He also provides the estimated cost of the suggested treatment to the patient so that he can take necessary action, if he has dental insurance from an insurance company, to recover this cost.

Provision of treatment

After deciding upon a suitable treatment plan with the patient, the specialised dental service provider prepares the appliances required for this purpose. The dental service provider then insets these appliances into the mouth of the patient, with the help of an assistant, to adjust and fit them comfortably. While using complex appliances like braces etc. he may tell the patient to visit his dental clinic several times for checking and adjusting the appliances.

Management of the business

Along with providing orthodontic treatment to his patients an orthodontist also has to manage his business whether he is practising individually or in partnership with other dentists. He has manage various aspects including employing and controlling assisting staff, purchasing equipment, customer service and marketing his business along with managing its operational aspects.

Thus, an orthodontist is responsible not only for providing orthodontic treatment to his patients but also manage his business to make it better than other dentists.